Legend of the Knight

Since medieval times, the Knight has represented honor, valor, loyalty, and chivalry. This
shining armor was worn with pride. Each piece of it had a symbolic meaning. The golden spurs
symbolized diligence, the spear symbolized truth and strength, the helmet suggested modesty,
the shield protected the Knight’s body and he, in turn, used his own body as a shield to protect
the lord. The sword represented protection of the helpless. The Knight’s charging horse, carrying
him to battle, was his tireless and devoted friend. In tournaments, his endurance, athletic ability,
and sportsmanship were always evident as he fought to win honors for his favorite lady.
Though formal Knighthood is no longer in existence, the qualities that it represented are as
applicable today as they were in the Middle Ages. These objectives of Knighthood – respect for
church, truth, bravery, obedience, courtesy, service, sports participation, aid to others, and a
quest for knowledge should be incorporated by the students into their lives and actions to prepare
them to accept with the pride the accolade given as the final preparation for Knighthood. Then
they will be ready to accept the charge.

“Be brave, ready, and loyal,

As they officially become “Knights of Woodlawn.”

Alma Mater

Hail, Alma Mata Knights so true,

Clothed in scarlet and royal blue,

Our faith and love we pledge to thee, Written high in liberty. 

Your laurels and vast and as sure as the dawn,

We praise thee forever and ever,


Fight Song

Fight Woodlawn, Fight

We’ll come through this game with victory

Fight, Woodlawn, Fight

For you we give a mighty cheer

Rah! Rah! Rah!

For you must win for Alma Mater,

Fight, Woodlawn Knights and we’ll win,

This game tonight – yea